EMVC's Melissa Frakman speaks at Money2020 on "India: The World's Model for a Digital First Economy?"


“India has a digital financial architecture that has capitvated a generation of entrepreneurs to build and experiment what the future of fintech will be. This moment presents an unprecedented “sandbox” for innovation and experimentation in the industry.” - Frakman

The discussion at the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas, at the financial technology industry’s largest and most prominent event with over 20,000 participants, covered the current digital architecture in India and examples of the companies and technologies being developed during the country’s digital revolution.

In conversation with PayU India CEO Amrish Rau and Medici CIO Amit Goel, Frakman shared examples of the investments and ideas which propel EMVC’s work in empowering Indian entrepreneurs with capital, strategy, and global connectivity to drive exponential scale and leapfrog innovation.