EMVC Featured at Lendit at the San Fransisco Moscone Center on Disrupting India's Digital Lending Market

At one of the world’s largest fintech summits, Lendit 2019, EMVC’s Melissa Frakman led the discussion on India’s digital lending market with Branch CEO Matt Flannery and VISA Executive Vice President William Sheedy. The well-attended talk centered around how global entrants and new startups can participate in India’s booming credit landscape targeting both small businesses and consumers, as well as the nuances of the business including approval rates, credit underwriting, and merchant acquisition.

A recent report “Credit Disrupted: Digital MSME Lending in India” from Omidyar Network and McKinsey highlights that “digital lending to MSMEs is projected to increase between 10 and 15 times by 2023, to between $80-100 billion in annual disbursements. Combined with a largely level playing field in India, without dominant incumbents, a range of entrants and business models can be successful in tapping that market.”